Chenango United Way


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During the summer of 2017, from May through August, I interned at Chenango United Way in Norwich, New York. This non-profit organization focuses on the needs of Chenango County. According to its mission statement, “Chenango United Way builds partnerships and maximizes resources to improve the quality of life for local residents.”

Chenango United Way currently operates with three major community goals: income, education and health. Each of these goals are addressed through “impact teams,” one for each goal. The income, education and health impact teams engage the community and business leaders in conversations and collaborative action around issues in these impact areas. In addition to creating programs to improve the community, Chenango United Way raises money to fund grants, which are awarded to organizations and programs that improve income, education, and/or health in the community.

In my time at Chenango United Way I worked primarily as a media/design intern, creating content for their annual campaign, campaign events, and managing social media. An important project I worked on was creating presentation and media materials for the ALICE report, a United Way study of financial hardship across the state. This report revealed that 45% of households in Chenango County struggle to afford all of their basic needs.

I also had the opportunity to shadow the executive director of Chenango United Way, giving me a good glimpse into the workings of the non-profit world.



*The above photo links to the ALICE presentation I created for Chenango United Way.

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