Review: Tash Sultana Transcends on Debut Album ‘FLOW STATE’

Tash Sultana’s hypnotizing debut album FLOW STATE immerses the listener in an exploration of diverse instruments and irregular tempo.

Sliding between haunting falsettos and gravelly gut notes as layered instrumentation creates reverberating depth, Sultana serenades their listeners into a “flow state,” which they describe as a state of mind where one is fully in the moment. The late-night-listening jams feature strong beats and instruments ranging from the harp to the saxophone, all augmented by electronic loops and electric guitar. Each track anticipates the next; mellow acoustics, like those on “Murder to the Mind,” offer reprieve from intense electric guitar riffs at the close of “Cigarettes.” The instrumental track “Seven” builds from slow, pulsing chords to urgently repetitive keyboarding.

Captured by Sultana’s gravitational pull, listeners ride the wave, rising and falling with the swell of the music.

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